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Validity: 12 months from the date of issue
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Available Denominations: ₹ ['250', '500', '750', '1000', '1500']
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Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited (“HRPL”) operates quick service restaurants in the West and South of India under the brand name of ‘McDonald’s’. HRPL for ease of reference is hereinafter referred to as “McDonald’s”. McDonald’s has introduced an ‘McDonald’s Value Club Gift Voucher’ “the Card” or “card”. The Card permits the owner to purchase products in McDonald’s restaurants across west and south of India. Get 10% instant discount on purchase of card worth Rs 1000 Get 10% instant discount on purchase of card worth Rs 1500 Get 12.5% instant discount on purchase of card worth Rs 2000

Get 10% instant discount on purchase of card worth Rs 1000
Get 10% instant discount on purchase of card worth Rs 1500
Get 12.5% instant discount on purchase of card worth Rs 2000
The card can be used multiple times.
The card is valid for 1 year from date of purchase.
The card is available only in dominations mentioned on site of purchase;
The card needs to be activated by the customer before use. To activate the card customer has to send an SMS to 9975933517 as follows ACT< space >16-Digit Card Number< space >6 Digit Pin
Example: ACT 1234123412341234 654321 to 9975933517
The card can be used only for purchase in McDonald’s’ restaurants in the west and south of India;
McDonald’s shall not be liable if the Card cannot be used at any particular restaurant due to technical errors or other such operating system glitches;
The card can be used to purchase any McDonald’s’ products at its restaurants only (It cannot be used on McDelivery App, SOK or any third party app where McDonald’s ’products is listed);
The card can’t be exchanged for cash or any other tender.
Once the card has been purchased it is considered sold and cannot be cancelled, refunded ,exchanged or refilled;
No refund will be made for any lost card and no revalidation is allowed for expired gift card balance;
Maximum one card can be used per order;
To check your balance, please send an SMS to 9975933517 as follows: BAL< space >16-Digit Card Number E.g. BAL 1234123412341234
Please note, post a balance enquiry your OTP will be reset, and you will have to use the new pin for further redemptions.
McDonald’s at it’s own discretion may withdraw issuance/redemption of the card, without any prior notice in this regard;
McDonald’s maximum liability for any reason whatsoever shall not exceed the purchase value of the voucher;
Remaining balance in case if the order value is more than card value can be paid only through cash (No other mode of payment is acceptable)
For any further enquires, email at;
The usage of the Card is subject to force majeure conditions including acts of God, strikes, war, riots, change of law, lockdowns, statutory prohibitions/ restrictions and on occurrence of any force majeure event. In such cases at the sole discretion of McDonald’s the validity period of the Card maybe extended.
In case of any dispute or difference with respect to the promotion/offer, the decision of McDonald’s shall be final and binding on all concerned;
All disputes arising herefrom are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai.

  • Go to Selected Barnd's Website and select the items you want to purchase. When you are ready to checkout, click ""Proceed To Pay"".
  • Select the ""Pay By Gift Card"" option.
  • Enter your 16-digit gift card number and PIN number(if needed).