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Skechers, a global leader in the high performance and lifestyle footwear industry, designs and develops more than 3,000 styles of lifestyle and performance products known for style, innovation, quality and comfort. Along with its diverse footwear offering, the Company’s head-to-toe collections for men, women and kids include a growing range of apparel and accessories

Qwikcilver Gift Voucher is redeemable only in India and exclusively at our SKECHERS stores and
Qwikcilver Electronic Gift Voucher can be clubbed with any offer & promotion
Partial redemption of this Gift Voucher is not allowed; No cash refund, in part or full, will be provided against this Gift Voucher
Multiple gift vouchers can be used against one bill. If the invoice value is greater than the GC value, customers can pay the balance amount through Cash, UPI or Debit / credit card as the case may be.
Qwikcilver Gift Voucher cannot be exchanged, revalidated, reissued, replaced
Qwikcilver Gift Voucher is valid for 6 (six) months from the date of issue and cannot be extended or replaced post expiry
Any order placed using this Gift Voucher can be exchange as per policy but cannot be refunded or cancelled
In case Gift Voucher is lost, or stolen, damaged or destroyed Skechers shall not be liable for the same
Skechers shall not be liable and responsible for any unauthorized and/or fraudulent purchase/s made using this Gift Voucher. The holder of this Gift Voucher shall be solely responsible for the safe custody of the Gift Voucher and the credentials mentioned on it and Skechers shall not be liable for the same
Skechers reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions at its discretion without prior notice
All the dispute/s with reference to this Electronic Gift Voucher are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction
Skechers makes full efforts to accept Electronic Gift Voucher, but on account of any technical / Operational reasons, Skechers stores/ may refuse to accept the same. Skechers or any of its partners would not be liable for any form of compensation etc. on account of Skechers Stores/ not being able to accept a gift card
If e Electronic Gift Voucher gets blocked on account of technical issue, it would get enabled in 24 hours
For support regarding gift card related issues please reach

  • Go to Selected Barnd's Website and select the items you want to purchase. When you are ready to checkout, click ""Proceed To Pay"".
  • Select the ""Pay By Gift Card"" option.
  • Enter your 16-digit gift card number and PIN number(if needed).