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Started in the year 2008, Polar Bear – The Ice Cream Sundae Zone is home to extraordinary Ice Cream Sundaes crafted with love and passion. Amazing products and world-class procedures coupled with innovation have made us the fastest growing ice-cream chain in India. In the last 12 years, Polar Bear has opened 90+ Ice Cream Sundaes Zones across South India providing the best Ice Cream Sundaes made using high quality ingredients, served in a clean & hygienic environment and served by a team of friendly & hospitable individuals. We follow stringent safety guideline to serve the safest product to our customers Polar Bear is a popular hangout destination for customers from different age groups with varied taste profiles who relish our welcoming parlour experience and with more than 90 menu offerings that include a wide range of Sundaes, Milkshakes, Cakes, Sandwiches and countless toppings it is heaven for Sundae Lovers. We are really proud of our ingredients and source the best. A lot of emphasis is given on Product Innovation and we try to launch new products on a regular basis. During the pandemic to help our customers experience our sundaes at home we launched our Pre packed sundae tubs which are inspired by the best-selling sundaes of Polar Bear. We also launched a variety of ice cream cakes for those at Home Celebrations.

The gift card is not a legal tender or replacement of credit / debit card
This card cannot be exchanged for cash or cheque
The holder of this card is deemed to be the beneficiary
This Gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of issue and cannot be revalidated
This Gift card can be redeemed only at Polar Bear Outlets
Physical cards (Plastic) can be redeemed multiple times till balance gets exhausted or card gets expired.
Polar Bear Electronics Cards must be redeemed at once in one single invoice
Maximum of five cards can be clubbed for single purchase
If the value of purchase bill is less than the value of gift card the balance is non-refundable
Gift card bought once cannot be returned/refunded
Polar Bear Outlets reserves the right to alter or suspend any gift card presented against a purchase, if they deem, at their sole discretion, provided that the code has been forged, defaced, or otherwise tempered
In case of return or refund, amount will be credited to customer’s gift card
Polar Bear Outlets reserve the right to discontinue the gift card as product without any prior notice
Any dispute should be referred to Bangalore jurisdiction and the decision of the company shall be final

  • Go to Selected Barnd's Website and select the items you want to purchase. When you are ready to checkout, click ""Proceed To Pay"".
  • Select the ""Pay By Gift Card"" option.
  • Enter your 16-digit gift card number and PIN number(if needed).