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Validity: 6 months from the date of issue
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Available Denominations: ₹ ['50', '100', '250', '500', '1000', '1500', '2000', '2500', '5000', '10000']
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  • Subtotal ₹100.00
  • Total ₹100.00
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Owned by More Retail Limited, More stores are hypermarkets for every home need. Customers find groceries, home essentials, cosmetics, fashion essentials, etc under one roof. Choose More Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers for cashless shopping.

This e-gift voucher is valid only at More stores of More Retail Limited (MRL) in a single bill transaction only
This e-Gift Voucher shall be redeemed within specified validity period only. No claim of redemption of this Gift voucher shall be entertained after validity period specified on GV.
e-Gift Voucher is valid for 6 months.
This e-Gift Vouchers to be presented at the cash counter of MRL retail stores at the time of billing; and the same can be redeemed in full only and not in part and in return cash.
If the transaction amount exceeds the voucher amount, then this gift voucher holder should make the balance payment of the bill.
This e-Gift Voucher shall not be accepted or redeemed after the validity period and shall automatically get lapsed and MRL shall not buy back the Gift Voucher after its validity period.
No duplicate voucher will be issued if this voucher is misplaced / lost. This Gift Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash
Loss, theft, mutilation, alteration, smudge, over writing on the Gift Voucher shall render the Gift Voucher invalid and shall not be entertained.
The e-Gift Voucher holder under this offer shall not hold MRL responsible for or liable for any actions, claims, demands damages, losses, costs, charges and expenses which a Gift Voucher holder may suffer, sustain or incur at any point of time.
All disputes arising out of or in relation to this Gift Voucher is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Mumbai only.

  • Go to Selected Barnd's Website and select the items you want to purchase. When you are ready to checkout, click ""Proceed To Pay"".
  • Select the ""Pay By Gift Card"" option.
  • Enter your 16-digit gift card number and PIN number(if needed).